Stockists / Subscriptions

If you would like to subscribe to the next 5 ZamZam Sounds releases (does not include Khaliphonic releases) please paypal to

US Customers: USD$50

UK/EU/AUS Customers: USPS shipping restrictions have changed as of Jan 2018, and we will no longer be offering subscriptions to overseas customers. It now costs nearly $14USD to send a single 7″. We are VERY SORRY, but this is completely out of our control. All existing international subscriptions will be honored until they are complete.


Just want one Zam?

Sorry but we are currently out of stock on all titles as of JANUARY 2018.

US Customers paypal USD$10 for one, $17 for two (shipping included)

Paypal to

Please email for other quantities or shipping destinations.


Looking to buy ZamZam Sounds or Khaliphonic records in person?

You can always find them at local Portland, OR record shops Beacon Sound and Clinton Street Records, and in the greater Northwest at Zion’s Gate in Seattle, WA and Ear Candy in Missoula, MT.  US customers will find our records online at these shops and at Revolver.

Our stockists in Europe and the UK are RWDFWD, Unearthed, Juno, HHV, Hardwax, Toolbox, and Loops & Bits.  In Japan, always go to Disc Shop Zero!!!


Thanks always for your support.

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