RELEASED: April 12, 2016
LABEL: ZamZam Sounds
Ishan Sound: Rush on the Tonic b/w Alter Echo & E3 RMX

Mighty Ishan Sound AKA Cris Ebdon returns to ZamZam for his second outing. The young master of UK steppers & dubwise experimentation arrives after several phenomenal releases including double-packs on Hotline and Peng! Sound and a profile that continues to rise in the international sound system community through his increasingly intense touring schedule and ever-closer collaboration with mic-phenomenon Rider Shafique.

“Rush On The Tonic” is a bruising 75 bpm killer that sees Ishan in minimalist dancehall mode. A stripped kick-snare combination pulse drives the sparse riddim, hi hats and shakers adding subtle movement and tension. Signature analog keys and flutes duel and intertwine in hypnotic style & fashion, while spring reverb shocks and splashes cut through from a distance and analog pulses bleep into sentience. This one is all restraint, coiled power and subterranean menace.

ZamZam’s resident wrecking crew Alter Echo & E3 return the favor of Ishan Sound’s massive “Warning Dub” remix with a B side version primed for steppers dances. 75 bpm smacks to 150 with a power stepper true to the vibe of the original, but full charge with ricocheting percussion, lacerating snares, hollowed-out bass-warp, sample archaeology and even thicker atmospherics. Duck!!

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